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Odin IT

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   What we Don’t Do

We do NOT sell computers – but we DO give advice

We don’t overcharge or rip you off

We don’t talk to you in computer-eze or jargon - we use Plain English

We don’t hide the cost of our services and purchases

We won’t leave you fearing that being linked up to the Internet may affect your privacy and security eg your bank details

   How We Help You
We provide practical and workable answers and solutions, as well as training, which are affordable for homes and small businesses.  Like a signpost, we give people clear directions and point you the right way for your own specific needs.

We strongly advise clients or people who are thinking of getting a computer to give us a quick free call before they think about any IT purchases at all.  This can save you money, hassle from entering into unsuitable contracts with ISPs, or ensuring you get the right computer or product for you.
Odin IT offers a “through life” complete advice service; from offering support before any IT or telecommunications is bought, to helping with purchases in the shop, to installation and set-up, training and regular upgrades and ongoing support, data transfer to new computers and secure decommissioning of obsolete hardware.  

Part of our service, should you require it, even includes acting as the middle-man between the client and telecommunication/ISP (broadband) companies so you don’t get bogged down and frustrated by technology.
   What We Do

Need Computer or IT Support?  We can help