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Any small business or home office user should very seriously consider using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their business telephone. Here’s a quick selection of what really are major benefits:

   Internet Telephony - VoIP

Many people have heard of, or are already using, Skype™. Skype is great for chatting to family in far-flung corners of the world, for travelling gap-year students and so on. Skype’s main advantage is that it is very easy to set up.

However, we would only recommend anybody to use Skype to speak to other Skype users. It is a relatively expensive way of calling landline telephone numbers, for example. And it may not be a great way of handling a company’s telephone requirements.

When we talk about VoIP we do not really include Skype in this at all, partly for the reasons outlined above, and partly because Skype is entirely proprietary, and doesn’t mix with any other VoIP provider.

Two of our favourite ‘real’ VoIP suppliers are Voipfone and Gradwell (the latter is a successful IT company in Bath), both with excellent reputations.

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