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Here are a few links to useful and often free software.

Please note that all these links and programs are referred to without any guarantee or warranty, and if used are done so entirely at your own risk and responsibility. The fact that we mention them here them does not mean that they are guaranteed to work on anybody else’s systems.

Need to read a PDF document? You can get the Adobe reader here, or the smaller, safer and faster Foxit reader here.

We use and recommend various VOIP (Internet telephony) companies, such as VoipFone, Sipgate and VoipCheap.

We would recommend Skype™ for home users, purely to call other Skype users; in our opinion, Skype is just not a professional solution, and is too expensive to use for making landline call to anywhere. Viber is a good alternative.

Maps of the world are readily available at Google Maps. This includes finding addresses (and routes) by postcode, and many people know that Google Earth is a great atlas of the world.

Both Streetmap and Bing Maps are great for finding addresses in the UK. And Bing Maps will even show OS maps. OpenStreepMap is a Wiki map, and just one of its features is a map of cycle tracks.

   Useful Links

If you want to try another browser than Microsoft’s own, then Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are all well-known. We tend to mainly use Firefox and Chrome.

Home users have the option to pay nothing for anti-virus software: software that’s generally every bit as good at preventing your computer to catch a virus as software that you pay for from  the well-known companies in this area.

Two of the main free ones are AVG and Avast, the latter being our personal favourite.

When installing any software, whether from CD or a download, always look for ‘Custom Installation’ or ‘Expert Installation’ or something similar, and if found then choose this instead of just going with the ‘Standard’ or ‘Recommended’ installation.

This is not as daunting as it may sound. We have never yet seen a Custom Installation where the default options were not the same as the standard installation, so for most or even all items you can simply click ‘Next’.

The advantage of taking control over the installation of new software is that you may then get an option not to install other things, such as browser tool bars (which you do not ever need), additional programs, or change or set up any other stuff you do not need.

If in doubt - call us.