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   Services for Home Users

When Odin IT started over 25 years ago, hardly anybody had a personal computer, but now most homes have at least one.

We have the professional expertise and experience to ensure that you get value for money and the best support.  We do not use

If your computer is just a few years old, chances are that all it needs is a bit more memory or a good spring clean.  We can often get it flying in an hour or so, at £45 per hour (pro rata), with no call-out charge in the Bath area.

And if your computer is even older then it can probably still work quite nicely and speedily for simple tasks such as browsing the Internet, email and word processing. Ask us how!

Our priority is the safety of your precious documents and photos. We can usually clean computers of nasty infections.  Scanning computers for nasties takes several hours, so for your convenience and to save you money, these jobs are usually best done in our workshop. We pick up and re-install your computer, we fix the problems, and our total charge for this complete service is typically about £60.  And remember: no fix - no fee.

We repair and upgrade all makes of PCs and laptops, including Packard Bell, Dell, HP-Compaq, Toshiba and IBM. We provide ongoing help and support, including remote support.

We know the best value-for-money suppliers, and the best quality ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  Speak to us first, free of charge and without obligation, before you tie yourself to any contract.

We can help with anything to do with Internet and telephones - don't take the chance of an inferior service.

We also know how to get the best out of Gmail, Hotmail and YahooMail.

computer jargon: we explain things in Plain English.

Please call us for free advice about any aspect of computers, Internet or telephones.

Here are just a few ideas about how we can help you.

   Virus Infection and Spyware
   Repairs and Upgrades
   Internet, Emails and Telephones
   Computer Running Slow?

We keep up to date with the best deals around.  Ring us for free advice, and we can probably save you time, money and hassle.

We are completely independent of all manufacturers and resellers so we give you true and honest objective advice. We can help you buy – or even take you shopping – then set up and install the new system for you.

If there's data from an old computer you would like transferred, then we will do that

   Buying A New Computer?

safely too (documents, emails, photographs etc).

Result: you have ease of mind, save money, get a fully working system that meets your requirements, and you get great support from a local company with a proven track record. And in due course we can professionally remove data from the old computer so that not even the FBI can recover it.

In many cases our fees are at least partially off-set by the savings we can advise clients on.