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   Services for Businesses

Even the very smallest of businesses deserves its own email address, e.g. mail@healinghands.co.uk instead of suzannahealinghands@hotmail.com.

The cost is less than a fiver a year. Combine this with a free in-coming Bath telephone number which is not your private number and it all suddenly looks so much more professional.

We provide on-site and remote support, install networking, write bespoke software, host and set up web sites and email systems, advice on procurement of hardware and software, telephony etc - the complete service.

Half of all small businesses who lose their computer data go bust within a year.

One of the main things we concentrate on when supporting companies is advice on backing up.  There is no more important task to be done on your system.

We can help set up a website that works for you: has the right look-and-feel, is fast, and has a good search-engine ranking. Costs range from £150.

We help with domain name registration. The cost for .co.uk names are about £5pa, and .com and .org about £11pa.

If you need your domain hosted on the Internet (e.g. for your website) then our usual charge is about £25 per year. If you are currently paying more then perhaps you are paying too much.

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